The ceremonial county of Merseyside is divided into 16 Parliamentary constituencies - 14 Borough constituencies and 2 County constituencies.

  • 1. Birkenhead BC
  • 2. Bootle BC
  • 3. Crosby BC
  • 4. Knowsley North and Sefton East CC
  • 5. Knowsley South CC
  • 6. Liverpool, Garston BC
  • 7. Liverpool, Riverside BC
  • 8. Liverpool, Walton BC
  • 9. Liverpool, Wavertree BC
  • 10. Liverpool, West Derby BC
  • 11. St Helens North BC
  • 12. St Helens South BC
  • 13. Southport BC
  • 14. Wallasey BC
  • 15. Wirral South BC
  • 16. Wirral West BC

The Boundary Commission for England has provisionally recommended that the county should in future be divided into 15 constituencies. After public inquiry revised proposals were issued in June, 2005. The recommendations were made final unchanged in November 2005. It is expected that the new constituencies will be implemented at the United Kingdom general election, 2009/10.

The proposed Wallasey and Kirkdale constituency, which would have included areas on both sides of the River Mersey linked only by the Kingsway Tunnel, has been removed from the plan following all-party opposition.

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