The Liverpool Social Forum (LSF) is a fortnightly meeting held in Liverpool, Merseyside, United Kingdom. It is influenced by the alter-globalisation principles of the European Social Forum (ESF), and a number of Liverpudlians attended the 2004 ESF in London.

In 2005, one focus of activity was preparations for the G8 summit in Scotland. In 2006, activists have been working towards estabishing a social centre in Liverpool.

The LSF works collectively and non-hierarchically - no one person or group is in charge. Broadly, participants share a desire to create and live out a fair, peaceful world, free of oppression, where people are more important than profit.

At meetings, Merseyside activists share ideas, skills and resources, while organising events and actions. The agenda is compiled at the start of each meeting, and is open to all.

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